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Action Alert!

Support Open Space on the North Richmond Shoreline

On July 17, 2012, EBRPD's Board of Directors approved a  $400,000 contract with Richmond's Questa Engineering Corporation to prepare project design and permit applications for the Breuner Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline (PPRS).  This project includes building 1.5 miles of San Francisco Bay Trail linking PPRS with Goodrick Avenue just off the Richmond Parkway while restoring tidal and seasonal wetlands on the former Breuner property. 
Click Here
 to view the site plan for the project.
Also view the short staff report which provides background, construction plans and funding sources to complete the project.  Funding of the design and permit work was made possible by your votes for EBRPD’s Measure WW in 2008 authorizing issuance of bonds funded by an ad valorem property tax.  The $8 million project will be completed in stages during the 2013 - 2015 period using funding primarily from federal and state sources, including a portion of the settlement compensating for Chevron’s damages to natural resources in Castro Cove.

                 Breuner Marsh Restoration & Public Access Project

The East Bay Regional Park District is developing a restoration and public access project at the Breuner Marsh at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. Key project goals are to restore historic San Francisco Bay wetlands, close a key gap in the San Francisco Bay Trail and develop other public access facilities.

  1. Download: Breuner Marsh Proposed Project, Project Alternative, and Cross Section Illustration (3 pages)
  2. Download: Breuner Marsh Project - Initial Study Checklist (26 pages)
  3. Download: Breuner Marsh Project - Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Scoping Session for
    an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (6 pages)
  4. Download: Breuner Marsh Project - PowerPoint Presentation (25 pages)
  5. Download: Breuner Marsh Project - Fact Sheet (2 pages)
  6. Download: Breuner Marsh Contract of July 17, 2012
  7. Download: Breuner Marsh Site Plan of July 17, 2012

Preserve an open vista of the North Richmond Shoreline for generations to come. Once it’s developed, it’s gone. Urge the Council to not make the mistake of the last generation which privatized and polluted the shoreline with industrial and big box uses.

North Richmond ShorelineThis new Richmond General Plan envisions the North Richmond Shoreline as a natural open space restored and protected to continue its historical function as vital habitat and provide enhanced opportunities for public access and recreation. This is the right thing to do.

The North Richmond shoreline, where Rheem Creek flows into San Pablo Bay, is home to millions of migrating birds. Its 500 acres of tidal marshes and 800 acres of mudflats shelter many threatened and endangered species. Just off shore is the largest eelgrass bed in SF Bay - important feeding, escape and breeding habitat for many species of invertebrates, waterfowl, and fishes. Preserving this shoreline corridor as open space offers a unique opportunity to create a visible edge to the city with stunning long views in every direction.

You can also send an email supporting parks and open space to your City Council Members: HERE!

Richmond General Plan: Read it!
Richmond DEIR: See it!

NOTE: Thanks to Citizens for East Shore Parks for their support!

Read Citizens for East Shore Parks: North Richmond rezoning could bring development to shoreline open space

The developers state their case on their Northshore Coalition website  but also see Tom Butt's "Who is the Northshore Coalition and What Do They Want?" and his "Get to Know Your Local Northshore Land Speculators" - Part 1 and Part 2

The Richmond City Council is finally looking more closely at the Draft General Plan and starting to make decisions about zoning changes. Make sure the Richmond City Council adopts a plan that leaves a legacy of open space, not warehouses.

Wildcat Creek MarshWe have seen one small victory! The new General Plan specifies mostly park and recreation land uses for the derelict Terminal 4 at Point San Pablo, which will open the way for this former industrial site to be a public park.   And, at the last City Council meeting, we almost saw the North Richmond Shoreline protected in a similar way. We need ONE MORE VOTE on City Council to ensure that this spectacular shoreline will be used primarily for parks and recreation.

This process is an unparalleled opportunity for a city to envision and begin to implement greatness. 

Great cities not only have great architecture, great history, great streets and boulevards, but also great parks, great creeks, great shorelines, and other well protected and healthy natural features. 

Richmond is blessed with the natural amenities, the history, the infrastructure, and the political will among its citizens to make it a great 21st Century city.  Its 32-mile shoreline is the longest of any city along SF Bay.

We have the chance to see the North Richmond shoreline put into public ownership—to become one of the outstanding parks in the SF Bay’s necklace of shoreline parks.

How can YOU  help to preserve a legacy of shoreline open space and access to all? Email YOUR Elected Officials!

Please copy the message below into your email with your personal edits & your name & address!
NOTE: If the email button below does not work properly, just send your message to lanahusser@comcast.net and we'll gladly forward it. Thank you!



Subject: Please Protect the North Richmond Shoreline

Dear Richmond City Council,  

We have an historic opportunity to create a legacy of open space and wildlife habitat along Richmond's North Shoreline. Instead of protecting poor investments of land developers at the shoreline, we should prioritize open space and recreation for all of Richmond to enjoy.  

We urge you to zone this shoreline so that there will be economic value for the property owners, yet save them from building warehouses that will be under water in the near future.   

Please support changing the land use on this shoreline to: (1) Open Space, (2) Parks and Recreation, (3) Public, Cultural and Institutional and (4) Agriculture into a Mixed Use called "Community Low Intensity Commerce and Recreation." Apply it to the currently undeveloped properties along the North Richmond Shoreline adjacent the Richmond Parkway.

Thank you very much.


Name & Address

Or you can write your own letter to the City and mail it to:
General Plan Update
City of Richmond Planning Department & City Council
1401 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA  94804
P: (510) 620-6500   F: (510) 620-6542

Contact Information for Richmond, California's Elected Officials
Name Address Phone

Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor
Gayle _McLaughlin@officeofthemayor.net

P.O. Box 5284
Richmond, CA 94805

237-1256 (H/W)
237-1456 (Fax)

Jim Rogers, Councilmember

162 Lakeshore Court
Richmond, CA 94804

867-5725 (Ofc)
444-4460 (Fax)

Nathaniel Bates, Councilmember

300 Seaview Drive
Richmond, CA 94801

620-6743 (Ofc)
620-6542 (Fax)

Corky Boozé, Councilmember

PO Box 184, Station A Richmond, CA 94808

501-0480 (C)

Jeff Ritterman, Councilmember

P.O. Box 4046
Richmond, CA 94801


Thomas K. Butt, Councilmember

235 East Scenic Avenue
Richmond, CA 94801

236-7435 (W)
237-2084 (H)

Jovanka Beckles, Councilmember Jovanka@JovankaBeckles.org

P.O. Box 5299
Richmond, CA 94805


Council Meetings
Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall. Televised on KCRT,  Channel 28
Individual Email Addresses of Planning Commissioners and City Staff
Planning Commissioners
Roberto Reyes: reaztlan@gmail.com
Ben Choi: ben.wb.choi@gmail.com
Charles Duncan: charlesgduncan@gmail.com
Sheryl Lane: sherylelane@yahoo.com
Jeff Lee: jefflee3@sbcglobal.net
Andres Soto: adcsoto@hotmail.com
Carol Teltschick-Fall: carol@wordspark.net
City Staff
City Manager Bill Lindsay: bill_lindsay@ci.richmond.ca.us
Planning Director Richard Mitchell: richard_mitchell@ci.richmond.ca.us
TRAC: tracbaytrail@earthlink.net
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