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Grasshoppers - Photo by Dan HolzerOur success  depends upon the financial support we get from our friends. Your tax-deductible contributions are crucial to the work that NRSOSA does to save open space and create access to the North Richmond Shoreline.   We are always grateful for your help.

We would appreciate tax-deductible donations of the following items: 

  • Powerpoint projector
  • Laptop computer (minimum Microsoft XP, 512 RAM, 40 GB hard-drive, CD burner),
  • External hard drive (160+ GB)
  • Easels for displaying posters
  • Folding tradeshow display boards
  • Folding chairs.

We would also greatly appreciate in-kind donations of:

  • Printing of flyers and brochures
  • Website publishing
  • Laminating or framing services.

Your donations are tax deductible. 
Please make them out to CESP/NRSOSA and mail to
North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance;
PO Box 70593,  Richmond, CA 94801