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Point PInole Regional Shoreline Park
5551 Giant Highway, Richmond, CA 94806
Map & Directions to Point Pinole >>

Saturday, October 6, 2018, 11 AM to 4 PM
Join us for FREE picnic lunch, music and a fabulous time!

Exhibitor Information & Instructions

Hello Festival Exhibitor:

Saturday, October 6, 2018 will be the 15th annual Shoreline Festival and YOU are registered as an exhibitor. Most of our exhibitors at the Festival have been at the NRSOSA for more than one year. Welcome back and welcome to our newest exhibitors! We always enjoy the festival and a chance to celebrate and educate the communities of Richmond, San Pablo and others in the East Bay and along the beautiful shoreline that includes the East Bay Regional Shoreline Park at Point Pinole.

This year is special for several reasons:

  • October 6 is also Bay Day! "Like Earth Day... but for the Bay" Learn more at www.bayday.org
  • The restoration at Point Pinole Park is in full swing and there will be changes. Watch for the signs and please follow the directions of the rangers and volunteers as you enter the park.
  • Bird migration is underway and you can expect to see signs of that all around. Take time to talk with the Audubon Society while you're at the festival and join a tour, if possible.
  • This year we will have 2 stages for your enjoyment. You will be busy - with more than 1500 participants expected and many of them stopping to visit you at your booth. You will also be entertained and informed by the speakers.
  • We have always celebrated our sponsors - the cities of Richmond and San Pablo and the East Bay Regional Park district, and this year we are also celebrating our newest sponsor, the California Coastal Conservancy. Many thanks to all who have made this day possible, including the stage which has been donated by Sims Metal Management.

With all those reasons to celebrate in the sun, at the park, please plan with us to make the most of the day:

EBRPD rangers request your cooperation as you arrive and set up:

Please plan to arrive as early as possible, between 8;00 and 9:00, so you can drive into the park, which is only allowed on festival day. Unload what you need for the day and return your car to the parking lot. Exhibitor vehicles must be out of the parking lot by 10:00 and for those who have been here before, you will remember that there is only one way in and out of the park, moving in one direction past the exhibit area and around the picnic grounds. You will be directed by Park Rangers and Volunteers, so your part is to get in early enough to avoid a bottleneck effect as everyone heads back out of the park. You may enter as early as 8:00 and all cars must be back in the lot by 10:00 so the dust can settle around the picnic grounds before the festival begins at 11 AM.

Stay on the path in order to protect the grassland, the sprinkler system, and everyone else who will be walking and driving at the same time during the busy set up hours.

There will be one row of parking reserved for exhibitors. Please identify yourself as an exhibitor when you arrive, and follow driving directions. You will be assigned an exhibit space number. Please proceed to that space, unload and remove your car as soon as possible. Then return to to your booth to complete your set up. Coffee and bagels will be available for exhibitors, so come early!

There is always a shortage of tables, chairs and canopies. Please confirm today if you have your own tables/ chairs/ and/or canopy. We want everyone to be well supplied, so please bring your own whenever possible. Please text or email today with that information lanamartarella@icloud.com or 510-219-1571.

The festival will end at 4:00 this year to give everyone time to clear their booth, pack up and leave the park as clean and natural as it was when we arrived.

We strive for a zero waste event and trash and recycling receptacles are provided. Show your appreciation for this venue by keeping it beautiful for everyone to enjoy. We also encourage the use of education materials and give-aways that do not contribute to litter or pollution in any way. Please consider the environment as you plan your exhibit.

You will be learning more about updates to the park itself as you enter and see the construction around you.
This is an exciting time around the Bay.

Let's celebrate BayDay together at the Shoreline Festival 2018!

The Pony Rides will be located at the Meadows just before the picnic grounds.

Face Painting will be next to the Pony Rides.

Chu ChuThe Kids' Chu Chu Train is a children’s ride consisting of a lawn tractor and four small cars with the appearance of a railroad train. This ride will operate only on the paved road.
ChuChu train rides all day long!

No firearms, curse words, sour pusses, snake oil or phony money allowed on premises.